Sales Development

We identify, connect & qualify an eventual buying decision from target prospects within a desired market.

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Struggles abound within the Sales Development arena. It can be tricky to
identify high quality prospects. It can be a real challenge to engage the decisionmaker and to determine the optimum communication cadence.

With our Sales Development approach, we drive front-end, top of funnel activities
which, in turn, drive meaningful sales conversations. We successfully identify,
connect & qualify an eventual buying decision form target prospects within a
desired market.

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Industry: Travel Tech/SaaS
Target: Tour & Activity Providers
Market: ES

Industry: FinTech/Banking
Target: HR Departments within Education, Healthcare & Hospitality
Market: IRE

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Industry: SaaS/ Web Lead Generation
Target: Home Service Providers, Marketing Agencies & Resellers
Market: UK, IRE, US

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High Level Achievements

Bespoke Sales Process Build

Pipelyne was in need of sales process that would allow them to scale. They had outgrown their previous system, which was not capable of handling the needs of the future. Otonomee designed and implemented a bespoke sales process that will generate quality leads for Pipelyne.

High Levels of Talk Time with Prospects

At Otonomee, having the right people with the right mindset to support client growth is essential. Through our partnership with Pipelyne, we consistently achieved an average weekly talk time of over 4.5hrs.