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Case Study: MoneyJar

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Early immersion in Money Jar’s FinTech venture supported the provision of product and process insights and actionable recommendations.

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Money Jar gives you freedom to be better with money through their financial wellbeing mobile app.


Our full customer lifecycle solution adds value in a number of areas: generating leads in a wide range of sectors by demonstrating the goodness that the Money Jar platform can deliver to companies and individuals alike, while also delivering an impactful customer experience once they start using the app. 




Sales Development,
Business Development,

Customer Experience 


Voice, Email,
In-App Chat, 






We chose Otonomee as our partner to manage every touchpoint of our customer journey: the team bring a wealth of experience working with some of the world’s most iconic brands.


From nurturing prospects through to onboarding members, we have been able to drive efficiencies through a collaborative and trusting approach, all while having a platform for scale.  

Ronan O’Neill, Money Jar Chief Operations Officer 

High Level Achievements


More Than a Partner

Early immersion in Money Jar's business and processes allowed us to quickly identify where our initial contributions would matter most, providing product/process insights and actionable recommendations. Working closely with our partners is key to our mutual success.


Building a Comprehensive Sales Strategy

Following the identification of a need for Sales and Business Development, the Otonomee team dove in to build new strategies for lead generation, structure of outreach communications and how to conduct demos. These efforts resulted in a massive 1400% increase in Money Jar's customer base. 


Process Improvement is BAU

 Through our partnership, Money Jar gains not only customer support, but customer advocates, ready to shape the product roadmap through data-driven customer feedback and suggestions. A built-in contact tagging system provides the ability to analyse contact drivers and provide opportunities for improvement.

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