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Case Study: MoneyJar

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Early immersion in Money Jar’s FinTech venture supported the provision of product and process insights and actionable recommendations.



Money Jar gives you freedom to be better with money through their financial wellbeing mobile app. Customers can simplify the handling of their finances & save using innovative budgeting jars & spending limits. Recognising the importance of an excellent customer experience, Money Jar have partnered with Otonomee to ensure high quality is delivered


Our alliance with Money Jar is a great opportunity for us to grow within the FinTech business world and provide exceptional customer care. Otonomee has the values, commitment and dedication to provide a high standard of knowledge, enthusiasm and empathy to our clients, staff, and customers.

Sarah Sorensen, Money Jar Team Manager


Customer Experience




 Email, In-app Chat  



High Level Achievements


More Than a Partner

Early immersion in Money Jar's business and processes allowed us to quickly identify where our initial contributions would matter most, providing product/process insights and actionable recommendations. Working closely with our partners is key to our mutual success


Customer satisfaction - What it’s all about

A foundational "back to basics" approach forms the core of the Money Jar support journey: fast, friendly, and factual.  In this environment, customer dissatisfaction is seen as an opportunity for improvement and growth


Process Improvement as BAU

At Otonomee, having the right people with the right mindset to support client growth is essential. Through our partnership, Money Jar gains not only customer support, but customer advocates, ready to shape the product roadmap through data-driven customer feedback and suggestions