Welcome to Otonomee


It’s an amazing word.

It’s what we believe in, for our clients, for our people.

Customer Management for

Scaling Businesses

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In a world of Goliaths,
Otonomee champions
the trailblazers.

Our mission is to unlock the growth potential in your new venture and scale it into a global success story.

Team Otonomee has already helped the most successful tech brands in the world to move into new territories, grow their consumer base and deliver a stand-out customer experience.

Now, we are here to champion the start-ups, the early stagers, the trailblazers.

Trailblazers, like you. 


In 2020, our founder Aidan O’Shea and his team pioneered a liberating approach to customer-management outsourcing.

We inhabit a Growth Mindset.
We believe in the Power of Yet.

Your new venture may not be global…yet.
Your early-stage company may not have thousands of customers…yet.

Otonomee believes in your belief.
Working together we can grow your company’s potential, its customer base and your vision.

We Champion Your Dreams
so more people can share them.


Welcome to the

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Otonomee exists for our
partners and our people.

We are a geographically friendly company, a tribe of people who have come together to share in a common purpose.

Our collaborative approach to growing your company begins with a deep-dive. We come to know and understand your ambitions, your culture and beliefs, so we can design a customer-support platform around your needs in the here and now. When your customers want to connect with you, day or night, from near or far, we'll be there, as your voice, your trust and your answer to their call, dm, or tweet.

Our people are the best in the world because they are given the freedom to live and work where they choose. 


Meaningful work begins
where people find meaning.

We Grow Your Customers Love Of What You Do
and How You Do It.

We are there for you.
We will be there for your customers.

As your company grows, your customer base grows and so does the need for excellent customer service.

You may have
raised funds
You may be expanding into new markets
You may have launched a
new product

And now you’re wondering how you will manage the increased volume in customer queries.


“Otonomee frees me up to deal with the other fires I have burning. They are a growth partner with the people, technology and operations know-how required to provide a great customer experience”

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Why New Ventures Hire Us

Otonomee delivers the right solution, at the right time.

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New Business

Raised Funds

Product Launch

New products need support for customers. Otonomee teams adapt at pace.

New customers bring increased volume.

We deliver scale at speed.

A boost in funds opens new markets. Otonomee can provide language and experience skills.

“I have never heard of another company that understands start-ups needs so well.”


Why we are the perfect fit for you

Otonomee partners with you to manage exponential growth.

“Otonomee has become the voice of our brand. They speak to our customers as we would.”

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A Trusted Partner

Otonomee has proven experience in scaling businesses brilliantly, globally.

CX you can rely on

Otonomee Teams are trained, agile and committed.

Flex and Flow

Otonomee can turn up, and dial down, your customer support as required.


Benefits your company will experience

Otonomee partners with you to manage exponential growth.

“Otonomee has offered us a tailored service for where we are, right now.”

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Access to Expertise

Operations, HR and Technology are all covered.

Ability to Grow

Go anywhere in the world, Otonomee has the languages and the experience to support you.

Access to Talent

Otonomee’s ability to source incredible talent is not bound by geography.

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Technology to Scale

Otonomee grows as you grow, by season, by territories, by forecasting.

Customer Insights

Access to insights and customer data in a single view.

Thriving Foundation

Otonomee partners
with you to unlock your growth potential and build a solid foundation from which to succeed.


Dream. Believers.

Otonomee is all about the power of... yet.

Let's make your future everything you have on your wish list.
One that is brighter and better.

Living exactly where you want. Fulfilling your own dreams.
With the time and the money to enjoy it.

Working with a united team of people, all across the world, who will support your growth and transformation. Championing relationships with customers for early-stage, exciting companies.

Join us, at Otonomee, and experience the beautiful
possibilities of one tribe, many people.


“ We love people who follow their dreams.
We follow that vision in our people and in the people that we work with”.

Aidan O'Shea

Founder & CEO