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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at Otonomee

As part of Otonomee’s commitment to our “We Hear All Voices” value, we’re looking at what diversity, equality, and inclusion (ED&I) mean to us, both individually and as a company. In today's landscape, as we grow and expand, this is and will become increasingly important. In a study conducted by Hays, 71% of professionals said that an organisation’s diversity and inclusion policies are important to them when looking for a new role. Furthermore, 60% said they would only apply to an organisation which has a public commitment to ED&I. (read more)

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We recently held some workshops to kick off the conversation: one of the topics that stood out was the impact that remote working has had on groups that are typically less well-represented within the workplace. Did you know that…

  • Since 2019, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has doubled the number of Black and Hispanic workers in the United States and the number of women globally, 2 years ahead of their previously stated goal, which they have credited to their shift to remote working.* (read more)

  • Several million women left the workforce in 2020 due to parenting challenges caused by the closure of schools and childcare facilities. Remote working gives everybody more flexibility and capacity to work around familial responsibilities. (read more)

  • In the US, around 1 in 4 people live with a disability: these people are much less likely to be employed than those without disabilities. Remote work has allowed organisations to offer jobs to people who may not be able to work in an office environment or who may struggle with a daily commute. (read more)

*Note: Despite the recent layoffs in the tech industry, some reports think that this may be an opportunity for organisations to rebuild a more inclusive hiring process (read more)

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky is quoted as saying that the office as we know it is over, highlighting how their flexible location policies have helped to boost diversity: “If you limit yourself to hiring people only in San Francisco, then you’re limited to the diversity of people that can afford to live there. True diversity comes from a diverse set of communities.” (read more)

Otonomee’s remote-first model breaks down geographic barriers, allowing us to encourage and welcome diverse groups of people from varied backgrounds and demographics, broadening our worldviews, and creating a better place to work. Over the coming months, we’ll be working on ways to expand our work in this area based on the feedback and ideas gathered through our workshops. Watch this space!


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