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In a world of Goliaths,

Otonomee champions the Trailblazers.

Trailblazers like You. 


Otonomee was founded in the grips of the pandemic, to provide a different offering in the Outsourcing Industry.


Team Otonomee had previously helped some of the most successful Tech Brands in the World to move into new territories, grow their Customer Base and deliver standout Customer Experience.

20 years of Industry Experience had shown us that the traditional model in CX Outsourcing was broken. Broken for Employees and for Customers. The dream that was sold was often different from the reality.

The traditional model revolved around working in Call Centres ……

Big buildings, Big Cities, long commutes and high costs of living. Asking Employees to uproot their lives and move countries to centralised locations, limited the hiring pool, led to high attrition and low engagement.

Why does Otonomee Exist?

We believe in a better way of working which is a win for all Stakeholders.

We offer an alternative offering to traditional BPO’s as we partner with scaling businesses. We offer a more tailored bespoke service, that is not constrained by Contact Centre capacity. We offer a faster, more nimble and responsive service for our Clients.

We ramp up globally, in response to their market needs and we can flex and adapt our delivery model, in demand to their seasonal or product driven needs.

We believe that Meaningful work happens where People find meaning.

We put a huge emphasis on Employee Experience. We believe that by leveraging a fully remote working model (geographically friendly as we call it), we can offer Employees the best of “Work Life integration”, whereby they can support scaling businesses, from their own homes, without asking them to move cities, countries or continents.

We believe that through our remote working model, we can have greater societal impact across the globe.

Otonomee is good for People, good for Customers, good for our Communities.

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Otonomee Core Values

Our Core Values are our Code – how we work, live and interact with Autonomy, Accountability, Trust, Honesty and Bravery. They unite us in our Mission, our North Star being to deliver growth and master performance for our Clients.

Our Core Values serve to support Otonomee’s Vision and our Culture. Our Core Values serve as our Corporate pulse and our Community awareness.

We Hear
All Voices

Our People, Partners, Stakeholders, Our World. Our Just Cause is to make a difference, no matter how great, no matter how small.


We are a team who are constantly questioning. As trailblazers, we seek to push the boundaries, to solution a better path. We are open to new cultures, new backgrounds and to having fun on new adventures!

Personal Connection

In a remote first world, we are "Guardians of our Culture". We invest in getting to know each other, in making new bonds and lasting connections. 


Autonomy – it’s an amazing word. It’s what we believe in for our Partners and our People. We Trust, we are Brave, we are Honest, we are Accountable.

We Grow

Our North Star is to deliver Growth, to master performance. We unite with a Growth Mindset. If you dream it, we will see it through.

Do Great

We believe in doing

"Great Work". It shapes us in other areas of our lives. Our clients trust us with what's really important to them. We acknowledge this collective responsibility and the team effort it takes to deliver.

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Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to unlock Growth Potential for our People, 

our Customers and the Communities we live in.  

We unlock our Client’s growth potential, by delivering the best customer focused, People and Tech solutions. By leveraging the benefits of a remote first model, we can access great Talent, anywhere in the World in record time.

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