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Case Study: GlassDollar

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Our partnership with GlassDollar is a natural fit,
with close alignment across our vision, mission and values.

Data Center


GlassDollar helps corporations to find, implement and scale start-up solutions that solve business challenges with innovation. Otonomee’s Sales Developers identify new prospects for GlassDollar across Europe while our team of Venture Specialists work on delivering digital research projects to identify innovative start-up solutions for their corporate customers.


Sales Development,
Digital Market Research




Email, Video,


Working with Otonomee has already benefited us at GlassDollar in so many ways, and beyond merely increasing the capacity of our team.


Together, we've endeavoured to make our processes more efficient, our business intelligence more insightful, along with KPIs that actually make sense. Collaborating with an external partner that thinks, acts and believes in the same values as us has been both valuable and highly rewarding. 

Madlen Weinhardt, Head of Scouting Operations


Implementation Timeline

Our partnership with GlassDollar commenced on 13 September 2022. With the formation of a cross-functional implementation project team, the discovery phase quickly transitioned to the design phase, culminating with delivery of a Digital Market Research Team on 17 October 2022, followed by a Sales Development Team on 24 October 2022.

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