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Case Study: Kearys

A nimble, flexible approach affords Kearys a partner capable of anticipating and responding positively to changing needs

in a problem-solving, creative and dynamic way.


Kearys, represents some of the motor industry’s most trusted and acclaimed vehicle brands – BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Renault, Dacia, MINI and Motorrad. Our partnership with Kearys commenced in December 2022.


With the New Year 2023 imminent and a consistent quarterly increase in contact volume, Kearys anticipated an upcoming surge in demand, and reached out to Otonomee for guidance and support. Our first foray in the motor trade, we handle service and aftersales queries, complementing Kearys’ own in-house support structure. There was a requirement to move fast and to deliver a roll-out plan, responding swiftly with a voice solution encompassing the immediate triage of inbound voice. A ‘Catch and Dispatch’ model launched just 10 days from implementation project kick-off, while a subsequent CX and Bookings phase was scoped, designed and executed on within a few short weeks.


Following a successful launch phase, we anticipate imminent service and channel diversification as our partnership strengthens, support team expands and our product knowledge beds in and matures.


Customer Experience


Motor Trade


Voice, Email


Otonomee mobilised a team, embarked on an immediate discovery phase, responding swiftly to challenges and impediments of the moment and ultimately delivering a launch solution within 10 days of project kick-off.

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