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Our Impact

Our Priorities 

At Otonomee, we believe in the importance of businesses having a purpose and impact, in prioritising People and Planet and being a force for good in the world. Our business model is different, our way of working is different, and our impact will be different. In that way, we are part of the new world of work, a new approach to working and a new approach to how business is done.

We believe in our remote-first geo-friendly model: that it creates opportunities in underserved communities and allows for equal opportunities for all employees. 


Making a Difference 

We are committed to the Three Pillars of Sustainability: Economic Viability, Environmental Protection and Social Equity, and to playing our part in supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

To provide a framework for us to honour our commitments and be a force for good, we are in the final stages of preparing our submission to become a certified B Corp. B Corp certification means making a legal commitment to stakeholder governance and being held to the highest standard on the five pillars of Community, Customers, Workers, Governance and Environment.


Becoming a B Corp certified company means joining a global network of collective action enabling us to create maximum positive impact. As a registered B Corp, the difference we make is that much greater as we join with other like-minded businesses around the world.

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