Liam Dunne 

Working from home works for me - not having any distractions enables me to concentrate more closely on my customers.

Customer Support Agent

Rose Hurley

The culture of autonomy within the company gives me the flexibility to bring my children to school. Choosing where I can work has made a profound and valuable improvement to the growth in my work and personal life.

Planning Analyst

Hilary O'Shea Otonomee

We share our clients’ North Star. We are flexible and nimble. We champion our clients’ ideas – if you dream it, we will see that it grows. As members of the team, Otonomee offers us a chance to shape our lives for the better. What may have been out of reach, is now achievable.

Hilary O’Shea

Co-Founder & Chief Corporate Officer

Meaningful work begins where people find meaning

Diego Merle

Having the autonomy to manage and grow is priceless!

I enjoy creating and supporting an environment of innovation and collaboration.

More recently, Otonomee’s mobility policy has given me the flexibility to select a brand new place of work. My chosen location is close to family and friends in my native Croatia.

Team Manager

We unite behind dreams to make them live in the world.

Group of people on a rooftop in city

The values Otonomee and its people instil support a hands-on sales and development strategy that has helped our partners continually grow. Our geo-friendly model has enabled us to build a diverse, multilingual team supporting our partners’ sales function within the FinTech and SaaS spaces across markets, including Ireland, UK, US, and Spain.

Luke Reily

Sales Group Manager

Salome Nunes Otonomee
Luke Reilly Otonomee

Otonomee affords me the opportunity to work with a global company that advocates those values and behaviours dear to me, whilst also supporting my personal and professional growth…and all from the comfort of my home in Portugal!

Salomé Nunes

Customer Support Agent


Pat McEvoy

I started as an Agent, was promoted to Duty Manager and was recently promoted to being a Trainer. I'm actively encouraged to use my skills and initiative on a daily basis.

Customer Support Trainer


Paul Byrne

Otonomee allows me to constantly challenge myself as I identify the movers and shakers in the tech space - it’s not work, to me it’s a hobby and I get to combine it with being there for my children.

Head of Growth

I enjoy the benefits of working from home: the comfort of working in your own space, having a choice to buy a home where we want to live and the flexibility to know that when I finish work, there’s no commute so I can immediately start to prep dinner.

Barry Downs

Team Manager

Barry Downs Otonomee
Paul Byrne Otonomee
Aidan O'Shea Otonomee

We put a huge emphasis on employee experience. We want to give our people the best of both worlds. Choose where you work and live. Balance life and work and have a great connection with your team.

Aidan O'Shea

Founder & CEO

Rafal Rzakowski

We are a people first organisation, leveraging innovative technologies to deliver flexible, agile and secure solutions for our customers.

Our technology platform transforms interactions to insights and unlocks the growth potential for our clients.

Chief Technology Officer

Rafal Rzakowski Otonomee

Dream. Believers.

Otonomee is all about the power of... yet.

Let's make your future everything you have on your wish list.
One that is brighter and better.

Living exactly where you want. Fulfilling your own dreams.
With the time and the money to enjoy it.

Working with a united team of people, all across the world, who will support your growth and transformation. Championing relationships with customers for early-stage, exciting companies.

Join us, at Otonomee, and experience the beautiful
possibilities of one tribe, many people.

Brendan Ring Otonomee

"We hire you because your talent shines. We respect your life, your dreams and your choice to live and work from where you choose and we give you the autonomy to grow, innovate and make a difference."

Brendan Ring

Chief People Officer