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Our 2023 Look-Back

Let's reflect on the milestones and moments that shaped our journey in 2023…

From forging impactful partnerships and introducing new services to achieving the milestone of becoming a team of over 100, working seamlessly from Ireland and Portugal, this year has been a testament to growth, resilience, and shared success.

Otonomee is B Corp certified

B Corp Certified: A highlight we proudly showcase is achieving B Corp Certification. This recognition underscores our commitment to not only delivering exceptional services but doing so with a focus on environmental and social responsibility.

Industry Recognition and Nominations: Recognition came our way as we were shot-listed for two CCMA awards – Best Agent and Team of the Year. It's a testament to the dedication and excellence embedded in our team.

Cultural Expansion: As our team expanded, so did our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive company culture. We took intentional steps to solidify our values, creating an environment where every team member feels empowered and connected.

Together Days: Strengthening the bonds that fuel our collective success, Together Days became pivotal moments of connection. Whether in Ireland or Portugal, these gatherings epitomized collaboration and camaraderie.

Continuous Learning: Our CEO, leading by example, completed the Ireland Enterprise Leadership 4Growth course, embodying our dedication to ongoing learning and leadership excellence.

Industry Leadership: Embracing our role as industry leaders, we were invited to share our journey at the Grow Remote Manager graduation, emphasizing our commitment to shaping the future of work in the BPO industry.

Otonomee's 2023 timeline of milestones

As we close the chapter on 2023, we express gratitude for the challenges faced, the triumphs celebrated, and the unwavering spirit of our team.

At Otonomee, we remain steadfast in providing people and technology solutions through multilingual customer care, empowering businesses to expand into new markets, elevate customer management processes, and deliver standout customer experiences.


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