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Case Study: Smartzone

Operating within the SaaS/Smart Home Solution arena, we’re tasked with maximising conversions to sales.


Smartzone is an Irish company, providing home automation, security and EV charging solutions. Smartzone is dedicated to implementing Energy Efficient solutions in houses all over Ireland to significantly reduce the carbon footprint produced in the home.

Offering a nationwide electric vehicle home charger installation service, Smartzone has partnered with Otonomee to handle inbound leads, necessitating outbound calls and call backs to prospective customers and securing a sales conversion. We also deliver insights and recommendations around the sales process, performance, and lead volume forecasting.




SaaS/Smart Home Solutions


Voice, Email


Our focus on analytics and insights supports consistent improvement to sales conversation rates, scrutinising volumes, arrival patterns, response time, call & handling times along with closed and lost lead analysis.

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