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Are You Maximizing the Full Power of Omnichannel Customer Support?

Achieving business excellence is a common objective among all companies, and prioritising customer satisfaction is crucial to achieving it. Out of all the strategies, one that stands out is omnichannel customer support.

But why?

Customer satisfaction is directly correlated with the ease of connecting with customers.

Are YOU making the most of Omnichannel Customer Support? A seamless, comprehensive support system is essential as we navigate today's customer interactions.

Statistics show that companies that excel in omnichannel support keep an astounding 89% of their customers, which is in stark contrast to the 33% retention rate for those with weak omnichannel engagement.

So, let's examine why omnichannel support is more than just a question but a true need.

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel Customer Support: What's the difference?

Multichannel support offers customers some communication channels, but not all. These channels are selective. Customers have options, but the experience is still divided. A customer who sends an email and then wants to communicate over the phone or through chat will not experience a smooth transition in a multichannel setup. And these disjointed interactions could result in uninformed interaction and a frustrating customer experience.

By removing barriers to a consistent support experience, omnichannel support, on the other hand, guarantees smooth communication across all channels. It's about providing a unified experience across all communication channels. Omnichannel support makes sure that information flows between channels without interruption, whether a customer initially contacts you via chat, email, phone, or social media. And by eliminating the constraints brought about by a fragmented, multichannel system, this method gives the customer a seamless experience.

Image representing difference between multichannel and omnichannel.

Why Is Omnichannel Support Important?

There are a few strategic imperatives that make omnichannel support indispensable:

1. Convenience

The basis of customer satisfaction is convenience. Customer satisfaction is directly correlated with how easy it is for the client to contact support. In fact, 62% of customers want to be able to engage with brands across multiple digital channels, having the freedom to choose the channel where they feel most comfortable.

2. Customer Centric Policies

Beyond ease of use, omnichannel support demonstrates to clients a strong commitment from the brand to abide by customer-centric values. Making omnichannel support a top priority shows how dedicated a brand is to putting their customers first. Plus, this can boost profitability as 70 percent of consumers will spend more money with businesses that provide smoother experiences.

3. Reducing Churn & Ensuring Loyalty

The connection is clear: a seamless experience leads to customer retention and loyalty.

This is supported by the data, which shows, as we've seen previously, that companies with high omnichannel engagement keep 89 percent of their clientele, while businesses with poor omnichannel engagement only keep 33 percent of their customers.

4. Improved Collaboration

When businesses ensure that customers can contact support easily and efficiently, they free up valuable time to enhance internal communication processes. This focus on departmental cooperation results in more efficient cross-functional teamwork and streamlined operations, which are critical given that 77 percent of consumers value internal brand teams interacting and communicating with one another rather than having to repeat themselves.

The Most Important Communication Channels

It is essential to understand what are the most critical communication channels in order to craft a robust omnichannel strategy. According to research, the preferred channels for customers are:

1. Phone

Phones are a quick and easy way to get in touch with the business. 69 percent of consumers find that talking on the phone is more convenient than communicating via emails or social media because it allows them to address issues as soon as they arise and receive prompt responses.

2. Email

Unlike phones, emails are a delayed channel of communication. Even though it is thought to be a little impersonal, 54 percent of customers still prefer using emails because they can take more time to ask more impactful questions.

3. Chats

Live chats allow for a real-time discussion and studies have shown that 42 percent of customers want to communicate with companies via live chat for customer service, being the most preferred communication channel among millennials. The live chat feature is the most helpful when customers have urgent questions about their order updates or questions specific to services or products that can be addressed with a quick response or link

4. Social Media

Younger consumers are accustomed to interacting with brands through social media, so being mindful of this avenue for support can be extremely relevant for your brand. This channels works well for brief Q&A sessions. Keep in mind that, for any social media query, 50 percent of the consumers expect a reply within an hour, and 18 percent anticipate and immediate response.

5. Knowledge base or FAQ

Consolidating information into a knowledge base or FAQ section is an additional avenue to investigate within customer support channels. You can create a section on your website with this information arranged into manageable clusters so that potential customers can specific questions about the product before having to contact you directly.

image of contact channels

How to Maximize Your Omnichannel Experience

A Step-by-Step Guide for Putting Omnichannel Excellence Into Practice

Step 1: Holistic Customer Data Integration

  • Objective: Establish a centralised location for client information.

  • Implementation: Leverage CRM systems CRM platforms to combine information from all touchpoints.

  • Benefits: Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions to facilitate consistent and customised support.

Step 2: In-Depth Customer Journey Mapping

Step 3: AI and Machine Learning Integration

Step 4: Mobile Optimization

  • Objective: Ensure a consistent experience for customers on mobile devices.

  • Implementation: Optimise mobile apps and websites for seamless interactions.

  • Benefits: Cater to the growing number of customers engaging through mobile platforms.

Step 5: Social Media Integration

  • Objective: Listen to customer feedback and respond across channels.

  • Implementation: Integrate social media platforms with customer support systems.

  • Benefits: Enhance customer engagement and adjust to the changing social media environment.

Step 6: Using In-Store Technology to Connect Online and Offline Worlds

  • Objective: Provide a unified experience for customers transitioning between online and offline channels.

  • Implementation: Utilize technologies such as mobile POS systems and digital displays.

  • Benefits: Enhance the in-store journey by aligning it with online interactions.

Step 7: Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

  • Objective: Ensure ongoing improvements based on customer feedback and data analysis.

  • Implementation: Regularly monitor customer interactions and gather feedback.

  • Benefits: Maintain an excellent level of customer service by being flexible and sensitive to customer's changing needs.

Infograph with the 7 steps to maximize the omnichannel experience

Businesses that strategically apply omnichannel excellence not only improve customer experiences but also open the door to ongoing enhancements that are in line with the constantly evolving nature of customer interactions. Embrace the power of omnichannel support, and elevate your business to new heights of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


At Otonomee, we understand the importance of optimizing the omnichannel customer support experience. If you need assistance in creating effective customer experiences or want to learn more about how to improve your omnichannel strategy, we're here to help. Contact us today and let's embark on a journey towards omnichannel excellence.

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